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.  All natural products created from essential oils for inflamation and pain.

.  14 years experience in treating pain and inflamation with individuals personally. 
.  Specific formulations for each type of nerve or muscle that stop pain in seconds and slowly removes   t  he specific inflamation of the specific tissue be it tendon, nerve, bursa or vein.
.  Blends that control inflamation fully and that may have caused you multiple
   appointments with only temporary relief and hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
.  And even more - formulations for respiratory complains like asthma, colds,
   emphysema and even sleep apnea and its associated snoring.
Our Arthritis blends  remove the stiffness and pain  usually within minutes . We can usually dissolve the noduals distorting fingers within a couple of weeks.

Natural Pain Relief Solutions | Ethereal Therapy

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