Arthritis and Gout Relief


Each of Ethereal Therapy's essential oil blends provide specific properties to combat the attack of arthritis (either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis), and gout. By cleaning the toxins from joints (mostly particles o cartilage or ligament), by stopping inflammation of joint tissue, by stopping pain, by eliminating neurological pain of the neck or sciatic pain of the lower back and gradually removing ganglions from fingers, arthritis in its various forms and ailments is controlled.



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Arthritic Joint Toxin
Pain of arthritis is caused by the fine particles of cartilage, (or ligament with rheum..
Inflamed Joints Massage Oil
Inflamed Joints Massage Oil is applied to reduce inflammation from joints created by rheumatoid..
Gout Massage Oil 100 ml Bottle
Gout Massage Oil blend of essential oils will remove uric acid crystals from the joints and its..
Fibromyalgia Kit
If you have pain in the back of the neck - c1 vertebra. If you have pain that starts from the..
Neuralgia  Oil
Neuralgia Massage Oil is an all natural essential oil blend and whose curative power has restor..
Whip Lash Massage Oil
Whip Lash Massage Oil is a blend of essential oils which removal of toxins (mostly cartilage pa..
Ganglion Massage Oil
Ganglion Massage Oil is used for the gradual removal of ganglion on hands and wrists , ankles, ..
Sciatica Massage Oil
Sciatic Massage Oil is our largest single pain oil seller. Pain in lower back, may run down to ..
Arthritic Joint Pain
Arthritic Joint Pain is used to stop arthritic pain in the knees, ankles and hips when very lit..
CPPD Relief Oil
Calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystal deposition disease (CPPD) (also called False Gout or Pseu..