Ethereal Therapy’s natural digestive products provide extremely rapid solutions to some of the major digestive tract conditions. These conditions include heartburn, constipation, diverticulosis, IBS, IBD, and colitis. And because natural products have the tendency to get at the root of the problem rather than the effect of the problem, the symptoms begin disappearing extremely quickly. A precondition to using Ethereal Therapy’s natural essential oil digestive products is to heighten clients awareness that they should use good probiotics so that symptoms do not reappear such as colitis, IBD or IBS, etc. We encourage clients, therefore, to purchase encapsulated probiotics from a natural health store. We also encourage clients to maintain the health of the flora and fauna probiotics by ingesting oatmeal, rice, potatoes and carrots. We also encourage the consumption of peppermint tea or our peppermint essential oil twice daily.,/h2>

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 Peppermint is the key to controlling disgestive dyisfuctions , pains and bring all d..
Heartburn Kit
Ethereal Therapy's Heartburn Kit is used to correct excessive acid production in the stomach na..
Diverticulosis Masssage Oil is used to control the inflammation, pain, flatulence and discomfor..
Constipation Massage Oil
Constipation Massage Oil will aid to improve the constant constipation problem some individuals..
Inflamed Digestive Tract Oil
Inflamed Digestive Tract Oil is used to reduce inflammation of the digestive tract ,thereby, de..