Ethereal Therapy has a number of essential oil blends that vary the hormonal conditions of the body or related to hormone functions, mostly the female body some for men as well (immunity conditions and candidiasis). Fat Attack Massage oil is strictly cellulite removal and very effective. While menopausal problems are managed with Day and Night Sweats, Menopause Balancing Oil brings emotional variance back to the norm as does PMS Balancing Oil for the younger females. Ever have the embarrassing hot flash send your face red as a beet, then you will love the absolute control that Menopause Hot Flashes brings to you. For the fair sex with problems during their periods, we have Dysmenorrhoea for congestive pain and spasmodic pain as well. We can also control naturally Menorrhagia (heavy bleeding). Amenorrhoea can be controlled naturally in many cases.

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Candidiasis  Bath
Candidiasis Bath Oil is used to control outbreaks of the candidiasis yeast on the skin includin..
Amenorrhoea  (Loss of Periods)
Amenorrhea Massage Oil is used to correct the loss of periods primarily caused by stress though..
Candidiasis Body Oil
Candidiasis Body Oil is used to control outbreaks of the candidiasis yeast on the skin includin..
Fat Attack
Fat Attack removes cellulite from the body. It trims cellulite from selected areas of the body ..
Immunity Booster
Immunity Booster is used to increase the body’s resistance to allergies, chronic infections, ..
Menopause Day and Night Sweats
Menopause Day and Night Sweats is used to decrease or stop the rapid sweating experienced by wo..
Menopause Balancing Massage Oil
Menopause Balancing Oil is used to helping to stabilize female hormones during this troubling t..
Menopause: Hot Flashes
Menopause Hot Flash Oil is used to decrease or stop the extreme flushing experienced by women i..
PMS Balancing Massage Oil
PMS Balancing Oil is used to stabilize female emotional hormones during monthly cycle of women. V..
Dysmenorrhoea Congestive Pain
Congestive Pain Oil is used for pain that starts before the period and continues during periods..
Dysmenorrhoea Spasmodic Pain
Spasmodic Pain Oil is used to eliminate the sudden pain in pelvic area or the lower back during..
Menorrhagia  (Heavy Bleeding)
Ethereal Therapy's Menorrhagia Heavy Bleeding is an all natural essential oil formula to stop h..