Change the mood, and change the behaviour. A simple statement it may be, but Ethereal Therapy's natural essential oil formulas alters moods sometimes in moments. One of our most popular essential oil blends is Star Burst, a mixture of 4 essential oils that actually is used for a sleep aid, can give a person an emotional anchor allowing the mind to refrain from racing emotionally at night to allow sleep WITHOUT sleeping pills. Stop children or adult’s nightmares by using a few drops on your pillow for a few weeks. Bring adolescent’s anger moods under control with a few drops of Anger on their shirt collars. Hostility is equally controlled as is anxiety; all controlled by a few drops of the right mixture of essential oils on your collar. Those are only a few of the over 100 formulas which can alter moods safely and with no harmful side affects that the pharmaceutical companies have.

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Starburst is used to induce calmness in high stress situations, maintain mental alertness; it a..
Insomnia Massage Oil
Insomnia Massage Oil is used to induce calmness and sleep occasionally or in the occasional str..
Chronic Insomnia
Chronic Insomnia Massage Oil is used to induce calmness and sleep in high stress situations and..
The use of various aromas to control the emotions has a long history. Each blend produces a cha..
Hostility oil is used for feelings of hostility when toward others or events. It may be safely ..
Nightmares especially in children is disruptive both to parents and the child. If your children..