Foot and Ankle Pain Relief

Ethereal Therapy has a large number of natural essential blends to both diagnose and treat various foot ailments naturally. Location of pain is extremely important in the diagnosis of the exact problem. Be it falling arches, bursitis of toes, or even osteoarthritis or more serious rheumatoid arthritis, or simple tendinitis or tendon sheathing, bunion pain or warts and corns. Even the dreaded Achilles Tendinitis is controlled and relieved by our formulas. Always check your feet carefully for where the origin of the pain begins. Under the arch is probably simple Tendonitis Massage Oil and Tendon Sheathing Massage Oil. Severe pain in the back of the heel may be Achilles tendonitis. Grinding of the ankle is probably arthritis if 40 years or even rheumatoid arthritis if the skin feels hot and if the toes feel hot and has pain. The pain may even be sciatic pain especially if you have had sciatic pain before. It may be simple bursitis pain if by the toes and under the foot joints. The swelling of the large toe is indicative of gout. Even the ankles and toes may have gout.

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