Head and Neck Pains

Each of the Ethereal Therapy's essential oil blends here will stop the inflammation of particular head pains and neck pains, causes of head and neck pains like migraines, the condition called fibro myalgia, neck grinding, stiff neck, neck strain, degeneration of the vertebrae. In the vast majority of cases, the condition, be it migrines, neuralgia, neck strain, or neck pain, will be stopped, pain quickly vanish, the  condition diminished or healed.

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Arthritic Joint Toxin
Pain of arthritis is caused by the fine particles of cartilage, (or ligament with rheum..
Muscle Spasms
Muscle Spasm Massage Oil is used for muscles that spasm uncontrollably. The condition may have ..
Fibromyalgia Kit
If you have pain in the back of the neck - c1 vertebra. If you have pain that starts from the..
Tendon Sheathing Massage Oil
Tendon Sheathing Massage Oil is used to cure inflammation of tendon sheathing and stopping t..
General Headache
This Headache Blend formulation with stop all headaches which start at the front of the forehea..
General Migraine
General Migraine will stop the pain of well over 95% of all migraine headaches which are usuall..
Migraine 2
This Migraine formulation with stop most migraines which are related to head injuries (con..
TMJ Massage Oil
TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint) Massage Oil controls the inflammation and pain of TMJ. C..
Neck Pain
Neck Pain Massage Oil is used for inflammation of neck muscles usually as a result of holding t..
Neck Strain Massage Oil
Neck Strain Massage Oil is used to reduce and eliminate the of pain of tendons on the side or b..
Migraine 3
Migraine 3 formulation will stop most migraines which are related to head injuries (concussion)..
Neuralgia  Oil
Neuralgia Massage Oil is an all natural essential oil blend and whose curative power has restor..
Whip Lash Massage Oil
Whip Lash Massage Oil is a blend of essential oils which removal of toxins (mostly cartilage pa..
CPPD Relief Oil
Calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystal deposition disease (CPPD) (also called False Gout or Pseu..