Ethereal Therapy's natural pain and inflammation essential oil blends bring almost instant relief to most hip pains. Starting with sciatic pain by far the most common of lower back and hip to arthritis of the hip, we can bring almost instantaneous pain relief. Our other specialized natural essential oil blends such as lumbago (inflammation of the pelvic bursa) to groin strain and hip strain and even the rare case of hip bursitis, you will find immediate relief.

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Arthritic Joint Toxin
Pain of arthritis is caused by the fine particles of cartilage, (or ligament with rheum..
Lumbago Kit
The Lumbago kit contains two bottles to control the pain and inflammation caused by lumbago and..
Muscle Spasms
Muscle Spasm Massage Oil is used for muscles that spasm uncontrollably. The condition may have ..
Tendon Sheathing Massage Oil
Tendon Sheathing Massage Oil is used to cure inflammation of tendon sheathing and stopping t..
Ganglion Massage Oil
Ganglion Massage Oil is used for the gradual removal of ganglion on hands and wrists , ankles, ..
Hip Strain Massage Oil
Hip Strain Massage Oil is used to reduce and eliminate of pain of tendons of Hip both above and..
Bursitis Kit
>Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa. Bursa are present in all joints of the body incl..
Tendinitis Massage Oil
Tendinitis Massage Oil is used for inflammation of tendons of wrists, arms, legs or feet or ank..
Sciatica Massage Oil
Sciatic Massage Oil is our largest single pain oil seller. Pain in lower back, may run down to ..
Muscle Cramps Massage Oil
Muscle Cramps Massage Oil was originally formulated for those shearing leg cramps mostly e..