Shoulder, Arm, Elbow and Hand

Ethereal Therapy's essential oil blends will stop the pain, heal the condition, or lessen the pain and inflammation originating from the shoulder to the fingers except tears in the muscles to which surgery is necessary. Arthritis of any of the joints, inflammation of rheumatism, rotary cuff inflammation, tendon problems of hands, fingers and arms, elbow tendinitis, or bursitis of the elbow, ganglions in the wrist, or carpal tunnel become rapidly controlled of pain, inflammation stopped, and cured usually with a month except for any arthritis which cannot be cured but only controlled or where tissue has been torn from bones.

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Arthritic Joint Toxin
Pain of arthritis is caused by the fine particles of cartilage, (or ligament with rheum..
Ganglion Massage Oil
Ganglion Massage Oil is used for the gradual removal of ganglion on hands and wrists , ankles, ..
Inflamed Joints Massage Oil
Inflamed Joints Massage Oil is applied to reduce inflammation from joints created by rheumatoid..
Bursitis Kit
>Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa. Bursa are present in all joints of the body incl..
Neuralgia  Oil
Neuralgia Massage Oil is an all natural essential oil blend and whose curative power has restor..
Tendinitis Massage Oil
Tendinitis Massage Oil is used for inflammation of tendons of wrists, arms, legs or feet or ank..
Muscle Spasms
Muscle Spasm Massage Oil is used for muscles that spasm uncontrollably. The condition may have ..
Muscle Cramps Massage Oil
Muscle Cramps Massage Oil was originally formulated for those shearing leg cramps mostly e..
Tendon Sheathing Massage Oil
Tendon Sheathing Massage Oil is used to cure inflammation of tendon sheathing and stopping t..
Frozen Shoulder Kit
Frozen shoulder is the inflammation of the shoulder bursa (rotary cuff) located on the tip of t..
Elbow Strain Massage Oil
Elbow Strain Massage Oil is used to reduce and eliminate of pain of tendons of elbow both above..
Elbow Tendinitis Kit
The Elbow Tendinitis Kit treats elbow tendinitis which is the inflammation of the elbow bursa. ..
Carpel Tunnel Handbath
Ethereal Therapy's Carpal Tunnel Handbath oil is comprosed of some of the most effective ant..
Carpal Tunnel Massage Oil
Carpal Tunnel Massage Oil reduces swelling and heals most carpal tunnel. Pain that originates f..
Shoulder Strain Massage Oil
Shoulder Strain Massage Oil is used to reduce and eliminate of pain of tendons and muscles of s..