About Us


Welcome to Ethereal Therapy. Our pain and itching control products provide almost instant relief from pain of muscles and the itching of eczema and psoriasis. Our essential oil formulated products for pain relief can stop pain almost instantly, reduce swelling and thereby, "cure" most long term chronic pain of muscles.

There are now over 24 muscle ache formulas to stop pain, including carpal tunnel, back pain, bursitis, tendonitis, and arthritis. Our products are created from all natural ingredients, using only the highest quality ingredients, and tested only on real people with real pain.


Ethereal Therapy began to develop and produce handmade vegetable oil soaps and shampoos in 2000. We soon began encountering customers with problematic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. We also discovered a percentage of our clients had allergies to certain product ingredients. With a strong desire to provide relief for our customers, we listened carefully to their requests and their needs. It was these needs and requests that set the direction for our research and product development.


We produce handmade Goat Milk soaps, which are available in different bases for customers with allergies or skin sensitivities. Our product lines also include facial cleansers for acne prone and oily skin; face, hand, body and foot creams; and shampoos for various hair conditions including itchy scalp and hair loss.

Client Inspiration

Our next stage of development was also client inspired. Many of our customers approached us about offering aromatherapy blends that would provide natural relief for various physical conditions including arthritis, chronic pain and asthma. To this day, we continue to expand our product line as we receive requests from our clients. If you are unable to find a product to assist your condition or if you have product ideas, please contact us, we are here to listen to your needs.