Treating Spinal Injury- Fibromyalgia- Whip Lash- Arthritis of th


The soft tissue injuries to the spine especially for women are very frequent and pharmacial medications give only temperary relief and usually not full pain relief. Nor for the most part due they offer long term solutions. Our essential oil blends do that if they are applied consistently and exactly in the correct locations.


Use Neuralgia Massage Oil from C1 to C7 if pain exists from back of neck to shoulders. Use from C1 to T12 if pain is from C1 to T12. (Application of oil may be difficult due to hair at the back of the neck; but application to the skin below C1 to C3 is essential to have long term healing of whiplash or arthritis). Neuralgia Massage Oil is and anti-inflamatory as well as pain pain relief oil. WHiP lash and Arthritic Joint Toxin remove the particles of cartilage which irritate the spinal cord and case the pain behind the head, cause pain down the shoulder, down the spin and or pains described as migraines, but are not, since they are neurological pain of a swollen spinal cord.

Neuralgia Massage Oil and Whip Lash Massage oil/ Arthritic Joint Toxin should be used if pain extends from C1 to T12.

Use Sciatica Massage Oil if pain is from L1 to Coccyx (tail bone) if pain runs from L1 to hips and/or down the legs. Sciatica Massage Oil must cover L1 to at least L5 even if pain is Not present in L1 to L5, but is in the hip and/or from the hip down the leg. Most sciatic pain will need the assistance of either Whip Lash Massage Oil or Arthritic Joint Toxin to remove the particles of cartilage irritating the sciatic nerve which keeps it inflamed. If you have been diagnosed with a slipped or ruptured disc, you are advised to use the Slipped and Rupped Disc Massage Oil for those particular pains. 

Use Muscle Cramps Oil at least once from C1 to T5 and out to shoulder blades if you have suffered whiplash at some time in the past or if pain persists around the shoulder blades.

Use Whip Lash Massage Oil or Arthritic Joint Toxin Oil along vertebra, ESPECIALLY on C1. Without the Whip Lash Massage Oil applied, permanent healing can not occur if you have suffered whip lash in the past or have arthritis of the upper neck. (Application of the oil may be difficult due to hair at the back of the neck).

Use Fibrosistitis Massage Oil if the ache occurs between the ribs or immediately along the vertebra, and the ache is not relieved by the use of Neuralgia Massage Oil or Sciatica Massage Oil use alone. Also use Fibrosistitis Massage Oil if pain is present around to the sternum.

 The diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is merely the nerve pains to the upper spine (neuralgia) and/or lower spine (sciatica). Our revised Fibromyalgia Kit will now cover both neuralgic pain in upper and lower spine areas.


IF you have difficulty locating C1 feel the back of your nec until you feel the two little bumps at the back of the neck, that is the location of C1 and is utterly important to get Neuralgia Massage oil and Whip Lash Massage Oil or Arthritic Jopint Toxin to the skin in that location as well as between those bumps.

Watch as Arthritic Joint Toxin, Neuralgia are applied on various people.




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