At Ethereal Therapy we endeavour to prove truly effective essential oil blends to fight colds, flu, asthma or allergies. With the hundreds of millions of years plant evolution has created a vast living laboratory to produce truly effective compounds that for thousands years have aided in the fight to ward off colds, flu, bronchitis or to stop asthma and allergy attacks, sinus problems and even sinusitis.We even have formulas to stop snoring!

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Asthma Inhalant
Fast relief for asthma conditions. Even non-asthma individuals feel lung sacs open in second..
Snoring Stop
Snoring Stop is used to control excessively loud snoring created by congested nasal and throat ..
Bronchitis Massage Oil
Bronchitis Massage Oil is used to reduce the inflammation, coughing and chest pain which may ac..
Catarrh Massage Oil
Catarrh Massage Oil is used to eradicate the catarrh cold virus that inhabits the throat area. ..
Colds and Flu Chest Rub
Cold and Flu Chest Rub provides deep chest relief from cold or flu symptoms. It will help to shor..
Colds and Flu Inhalant
At the first sign of a cold, the tickle at the back of the throat, inhale this formulation deep..
Emphysema Massage Oil
Emphysema Massage Oil helps to relieve restricted breathing of the lungs damaged by smoking, ch..
Hay Fever Inhalant One
Hay Fever One Inhalant is an extremely rapid, natural, antihistamine formula to reduce the effe..
Hay Fever Inhalant Two
Hay Fever Two Inhalant is an extremely rapid, natural, antihistamine formula to reduce the effe..
Sinusitis Kit
The Sinusitis Relief Kit is used for inflammation of the sinus cavity and to eliminate the cold..
Sinus Inhalant
Sinus Inhalant is to relieve the sinus and nasal passages from non-allergen stuffiness. Its act..
Snoring Control
Snoring Control is highly effective in controlling even the loudest snoring including sleep apn..