Viral and Body Infections

Ethereal Therapy produces antiviral and antibacterial formulas for some common conditions like warts, the prostate, bladder infections, canker sores, sinusitis, and osteoporosis. As clients say, our products are more effective than what is in the pharmacy, how can we dispute that, some sometimes the only product that works.

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Shingles Massage Oil
Singles Pain Relief is used to control the pain of a shingles outbreak and to shorten its durat..
Prostate Massage Oil
Ethereal Therapy's Prostate Massage Oil reduces the swelling associated with the prostate gland..
Sinusitis Kit
The Sinusitis Relief Kit is used for inflammation of the sinus cavity and to eliminate the cold..
Warts and Verruca
Warts and Verruca (foot warts) Oil is a very rapid, effective, and painless way to destroy the ..
Cold Sore Healing Oil
At the first sign of a cold sore, the tingle of the lips apply one drop of this formulation to ..
Ear Infection Kit
This Ear Infection Kit is designed to control either bacterial infections or tissue infections ..
Mouth Ulcers (canker sores)
Cankers sores (mouth ulcers), while very annoying, are healed very qucickly with this combinati..
Cystitis (Bladder Infection) Relief Kit
Cystitis Relief Kit is designed to control inflammation of the bladder, as well as viral infect..